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The Best Kept Secret to Keeping Bugs off Screens

Keeping Bugs off Screens

Americans living in Florida are faced with the challenges of keeping bugs off screens. There’s also the daunting task of how to keep bugs from getting through window screens. Flies, mosquitoes, and other insects can be quite bothersome if they get inside your patio or home.

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Easy Steps to Banish Bugs for Good

There are several proven ways to keep these insects out which do not involve putting poisons around your home. One method involves using citronella oil on your screens and around your doors and windows.

Citronella oil has been used for many years as an insect repellent. This substance comes from the citronella plant, which is a type of grass that grows in India and Sri Lanka. Citronella oil is the essential ingredient that keeps away insects. It also gives citronella candles their distinctive odor.

Where Can You Buy Citronella Oil?

Citronella oil can be purchased at your local natural food store or online at Amazon.

How to Apply Citronella Quickly and Easily

Before applying citronella oil, you must clean the areas around your doors and windows where it will be applied. Put on rubber gloves because citronella will stick to your hands. Wipe down the frames of your doors and windows with a rag dampened in hot water mixed with dish detergent. Rinse off this mixture thoroughly to remove all grease and soap, before drying the frames.

Now, apply citronella oil to your screens and windows around their edges. You can buy citronella spray that comes with its own applicator or you can purchase citronella oil in a small bottle and put a few drops with water into a sprayer for application. You can also dampen a paper towel with citronella and spread it all over the screen. The citronella should be applied to all of the screens in your home, both inner and outer.

You can also place some citronella candles around your patio or deck to keep the insects away.

If citronella oil does not work for you, try spraying some lavender oil onto your screens. This is another natural way to keep the little buggers out!

Other Ways for Keeping Bugs Off Screens and Out of Your Home

Citronella oil will help in keeping bugs off screens, however, citronella oil alone is not enough to keep bugs out of your house. You must also install door sweeps on your doors that seal the gap between the bottom of the frame and the floor. This allows air to circulate through the house when you open and close your doors without allowing any bugs to enter with the air current.

You should also caulk around your windows and doors with weather stripping. This keeps out any insects that may be large enough to get through the citronella oil barrier you applied earlier. There are different sizes of weather stripping, so make sure you purchase some that are large enough to cover the gaps around each of your doors and windows.

These methods work to prevent bugs from coming through window screens. Best of all, they do not involve any potentially harmful chemicals. If citronella oil is used with other natural repellents, such as hot sauce or perfume, then it works even better at warding off any insects that are trying to get inside your Florida home!

The solution to your problem has been found, all thanks to the citronella oil. This natural remedy is a must-have for any home or business owner in keeping your screens free of bugs!

A citronella leave is sitting next to a small glass bottle with a brown tag draped off the top labeled citronella. This photo is an example of a natural way for keeping bugs off screens.

Enjoy one-stop shopping for everything you need for keeping bugs off your screens!



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