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Neighborhood Guide: Furniture Decorating Stores

We’ve curated the ultimate guide on how to find your style for your home. Included is a list of the area’s best furniture decorating stores.

Furniture shopping can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. There are so many options and styles to choose from. Then there is the added task of making sure the room looks put together and cohesive. Last but not least, there is the furniture decorating budget, making you think long and hard about your furniture choices.

Because there are many important things to consider before furniture shopping, I have put together five helpful tips for buying furniture. These tips will safeguard you from purchasing decor you’re unhappy with and keep you from exceeding your budget.  

After implementing our list of five helpful tips for buying furniture, you are ready to start shopping. Check out our collection of the best furniture stores in Sarasota and Longboat Key, Florida.

1. Nail Down Your Design Style

If you are new at decorating, you might wonder, what are the different styles of furniture? The transitional interior design style is one of today’s most popular trends. This style is perfect for anyone who has grown tired of the traditional look yet is hesitant to fully immerse themselves into contemporary decor. But, if this is not your taste, there is a long list of furniture decorating alternatives.

Below are some types of interior design styles to consider. 

Do you like one design style but your spouse begs to differ? Do you want to incorporate some old pieces into your new furniture decorating style? Not to worry. Most styles are a blend of different eras, so mixing styles is achievable.

It is essential to fully understand your design style so that you have consistency throughout your home. Here is how to accomplish finding the look that best fits you. 

  1. It always helps to research and gather furniture decorating inspiration before you head out shopping. My favorite sites for this are Houzz and Pinterest. Set up an account to start using these sites. 
  2. Browse, find and save room ideas. Once you see a trend in your saved interior design themes, that is the style you should pursue. 
  3. Once you’ve identified your style, remember to stick with it. Use your saved photos for reference when you are out shopping. 

2. Consider the Room’s Purpose

When planning furniture arrangement and layout, it is helpful to understand how you will use the space in the room. While two sofas facing each other may seem symmetrical, if your primary activity when sitting on the couch is watching TV, this isn’t ideal. 

Take some time to consider what you plan to do in the space, what needs to be within arm’s reach, and how much room you will need. 

3. Choose a Color Scheme

A close up of a contemporary style kitchen showing the use of colors for furniture decorating. The main color is white and is used in the upper cabinets and the walls. The backsplash is a white background with gray veining, pull in the second color for the room.  The third color is a pop of pink in the flowers set upon the kitchen coutertop.

The easiest way to select a color scheme is to follow the 60-30-10 rule. The 60 percent + 30 percent + 10 percent proportion balances the colors used in any space. And the concept is incredibly simple to use. Here is how it works.

When selecting a color scheme for your room, this concept is incredibly simple to use. 60% serves as your main color for your room. 30% is your secondary color. 10% is your accent color.

Your 60 percent serves as the main color for your room and will most likely be on most of your walls, in large accent pieces like area rugs and maybe even a sofa. The idea is that this color anchors the space and serves as a backdrop. 

Your 30 percent color is the secondary color, and you’ll be using half as much of this color as your main color. Use this secondary color in draperies, accent chairs, bed linens, painted furniture, or even an accent wall. This secondary color should support the main color but be different enough to set them apart and create interest in the room. 

Your 10 percent color is your accent color. Think throw pillows, artwork, and decorative accessories. 

4. Set a Budget – and Stick to it!

A stack of silver coins with a burgundy wall and a round wall clock trimmed in gold blurred out in the background. This photo indicates the importance of budgeting for Furniture decorating.

A budget is the most crucial step to follow when furnishing a home. From the large main pieces to the small accessories, these items quickly add up. That being the case, it is easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent.

Before you begin browsing, be sure to list all the furniture and accessories you need for each room. Don’t forget about items like drapes, lamps, or labor. 

Be honest about your regular expenses and figure out how much you have to spend. If you can’t buy everything with your budget, make a list of things you can save for and purchase later. No furniture or decor item is worth having if it makes you feel guilty or compromises the rest of your lifestyle. 

The best way to ensure you do not exceed your budget is to create a spreadsheet to help track expenses as you make purchases. To start with, categorize your worksheet by room. Then, list each piece of furniture you plan to purchase and the total cost you plan to spend on that room. Finally, as you are buying items, enter the actual amount of items on the spreadsheet. 

Try to prioritize the larger pieces first, like beds and sofas. After this, focus on getting smaller items such as decorative accessories. And remember, if you overspend in one area, you’ll have to make up for it in another.

5. Decide on a Layout

This photo shows an idea for furniture decorating and layout. The tv is the focal point so a gray sofa faces the TV wall. A coffee table is in front of the sofa.  To the left of the table is a gray chair. To the right is an gray fabric ottoman/bench.

Standing in an empty room and not knowing where to begin can be intimidating. But if you take some time to decide on a furniture layout before heading out to shop, it will make the process easier. 

Start by measuring the room, wall to wall. Whether you create it with a computer program or hand draw it on graph paper, having a scaled floor plan is helpful for space planning. This way, you know whether that large sectional you love will fit in the space.  

Then, decide on a focal point. It can be a TV, a fireplace or a water view. Make sure the furniture is arranged to best compliment that focal point. Next, place the large pieces first, and then think about accent pieces. 

When arranging furniture, keep in mind the traffic routes in your home, and be sure to keep a minimum of three feet of space between pieces.  

Lastly, once you make your furniture selections, ensure it will fit through your doorway or building elevator.

Ready to start shopping?

Now that you’ve carefully planned and budgeted, it’s time to start shopping. To assist with your shopping spree, we’ve created a helpful list of furniture decorating stores near Sarasota and Longboat Key, Florida. Happy shopping!

Furniture Stores near Sarasota and Longboat Key

American Signature Furniture 

Showroom Location: 5455 University Pkwy, University Park, FL 34201

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Rustic, Coastal Contemporary, Farmhouse, Industrial, Traditional

Affordability: Budget-friendly, Moderate

American Signature Furniture University Parkway store carries moderately priced furniture and accessories for almost every room. In the back of the store, you will find a clearance center with some fantastic discounted pricing. Furniture styles range from transitional to contemporary to rustic or coastal. For all you Fixer Upper fans, American Signature now offers Magnolia Homes furniture by Joanna Gaines.

Architectural Salvage

Showroom Location: 1093 Central Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

Style: Rustic, Antique, Vintage, Industrial

Affordability: Moderate to Upscale

If shopping for vintage decor that traveled the world, then Sarasota Architectural Salvage Warehouse and Garden will suit you perfectly. You will find an array of salvaged items, including old windows, vintage gates, gorgeous historic doors, antique lighting, garden accessories, and so much more. In addition, in the back of the warehouse, you will discover their on-site, made from salvaged, handcrafted furniture and decor. If you have a vision but are not talented enough to construct it on your own, they will design and build beautiful furnishings and decor.

Arhaus Furniture

Showroom Location: 140 University Town Center Dr, Sarasota, FL 34243, (Inside the Mall at University Town Center)

Style: Rustic, Modern Transitional, Eclectic

Affordability: Upscale

Arhaus Furniture is a high-end home decor and furniture store offering sustainable, contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs, drapery, lighting, and accessories. Their pieces are designed for mixing and matching with vintage pieces. 

Originating in Ohio in 1986, their motto is to reduce and reuse. The company uses recycled products, including copper and tree roots, in addition to natural woods and stone.

Ashley Home Store

Showroom Location: 4650 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Coastal, Cottage, Industrial, Relaxed Vintage, Tropical

Affordability: Moderate

Ashley Home Store in Sarasota offers top-quality furniture and great mattress selections at low prices. For those on a tight schedule, the best time to avoid the crowd is mid-day, Monday through Friday.

Baer’s Furniture

Showroom Location: 5301 Clark Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Mid-Century, Coastal, Cottage, Industrial, Relaxed Vintage, Tropical

Affordability: Moderate to Upscale

Baers Furniture Sarasota FL has a wide selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, mattresses, area rugs, and accessories in its large, two-story building. In addition, on the second level, you will find their window treatment headquarters. Designers are on staff to provide complimentary design advice. Home delivery is available.

Copenhagen Imports

Showroom Location: 7211 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Style: Modern, Mid-century, Soft Contemporary

Affordability: Upscale

If your preference is Scandinavian furniture, you will want to visit the Copenhagen furniture store. Handcrafted around the world, their furniture styles include mid-century modern and soft contemporary. In addition to uniquely designed furniture, they offer home accents and functional lighting.

Crate and Barrel Furniture

Showroom Location: 140 University Town Center Dr, Sarasota, FL 34243, (Inside the Mall at University Town Center)

Style: Urban, Contemporary

Affordability: Moderate to Upscale

Crate and Barrel carries a beautiful line of trendy products, including furniture, drapery, glassware, dinnerware, and accessories. Their affordable, modern furnishings are perfect for those just starting out. Furthermore, you can shop online and pick up your items, many times the same day. The two-story, 18,000 square foot showroom is located at the Mall’s north wing at University Town Center.

Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse

Showroom Location: 2333 Whitfield Park Loop, Sarasota, FL 34243

Style: Industrial, Rustic, Mid-century, Asian, European, Vintage

Affordability: Upscale

Decor Direct in Sarasota has a large showroom of sustainable furniture with a wide variety of styles. Their motto is reclaim, restore, and re-purpose. You will find salvaged wood pieces, restored antiques, architectural, nautical, and coastal salvages throughout the store. Barn doors on tracks are a popular trend in today’s decor, so check out their selection of barn doors and barn door hardware. Decor Direct Sarasota prices are moderate, yet you’ll find unique furniture and accents not to be found at other local home decor stores.

The Decor Direct warehouse is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm. You must be 18 years or older to enter the warehouse.

European Traditions

Showroom Location: 7488 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Warehouse Location: 6030 Clark Center Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34238

Style: Transitional, Coastal Chic, Rustic

Affordability: Upscale

This little-known furniture shop, European Traditions Sarasota, FL, carries uniquely designed furniture imported worldwide. In addition to accessories, you will find an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor furniture and bathroom vanities made from reclaimed wood. They continually receive new shipments; therefore, the inventory is constantly changing. Furniture packages are available for investors or home builders looking to furnish properties.

You can visit their smaller showroom at 7488 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For a more extensive selection of furniture, be sure to visit their warehouse located at 6030 Clark Center Ave., Sarasota.

Exit Art

Showroom Location: 201 Gulf of Mexico Dr, Longboat Key, FL 34228

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Traditional

Affordability: Upscale

Located on the south end of Longboat Key in the same plaza as the Chart House Restaurant, this shop offers a variety of items. You will find jewelry, phone cases, art, clothes, prints, clocks, and more.


Showroom Location: 8599 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34238

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Traditional

Affordability: Moderate

Located in south Sarasota, Haverty’s furniture offers a range of styles in furnishings, home accessories, and mattresses. They carry both in-stock items as well as customized furniture. Located in the store’s back is their clearance center, with discounted items for the budget-friendly shopper. Free design services are available.

Hobby Lobby Sarasota Florida

Showroom Location: 8195 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Style: Coastal, Contemporary, Modern, Transitional, Traditional, Rustic

Affordability: Moderate

Although Hobby Lobby is considered an arts and crafts store, it has a vast selection of frames, florals, wedding supplies, fabrics, artwork, and home accents. Download the Hobby Lobby to keep abreast of sales. In addition, each department has a 50% off sale every other week. If it is not on sale the week you visit the store; then it likely will be on sale the following week.

Home Goods

Showroom Locations: 8213 Cooper Creek Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34201 & 3748-B Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

Style: Coastal, Contemporary, Modern, Transitional, Traditional, Rustic

Affordability: Moderate

Home Goods offers accessories and bedding at prices 20-60% below department store prices. With new shipments every week, the inventory is constantly changing. If you find something you like, be cautious about taking the time to think about it! By the time you return to purchase the item, it may be gone. If Home Goods does not have the quantities you need, its sister companies, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, will often carry many of the same accessories.

Home Goods has two locations in the area. There is a Home Goods store in Sarasota, FL, and a Home Goods in Bradenton, FL, off University Parkway.

Kanes Furniture Sarasota

Showroom Location: 5045 N Washington Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34232

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional

Affordability: Moderate

Kanes of Sarasota is a two-story showroom with a large selection of affordable furniture to meet your styles and needs. Keep an eye out for advertised specials such as mattress trade in sales, instant rebates, or 0% interest for 60 months. Furniture delivery is available for a fee.


Showroom Location: 8245 Cooper Creek Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34201

Style: Transitional, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Rustic

Affordability: Moderate

Kirkland’s carries an affordable selection of home decor, including accessories, artwork, mirrors, pillows, rugs, curtains, holiday decor, and some furniture. For even more savings, download their “Spin to Win” app.

Leaders Outdoor Furniture

Showroom Location: 7680 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Style: Tropical, Beach House

Affordability: Moderate to Upscale

Leaders Furniture Sarasota specializes in casual outdoor furniture. Most of their items are handwoven and of quality standard. The majority of their inventory consists of wicker or rattan, lending itself to tropical and beach house styles. You can also find cast aluminum and tropical accessories.

Matter Brothers

Showroom Location: 4675 Clark Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

Style: Coastal, Tropical, Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary

Affordability: Moderate to Upscale

Matter Brothers is a family-owned business that originated in Indiana. Several years ago, Matter Brothers opened their Sarasota location. Their furniture showroom carries indoor and outdoor furniture, youth furniture, mattresses, rugs, and accessories. Matter Brothers offers complimentary in-store design assistance for those who know what they like but have trouble pulling it all together.

Pamaro Shop Furniture Sarasota Florida

Showroom Locations: 7782 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243 | 5465 University Pkwy, University Park, FL 34201 | 4586 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

Style: Coastal, Nautical, Rustic

Affordability: Upscale

With three locations in Sarasota, the Pamaro Shop is your coastal furniture destination. The local family-owned business strives to use U.S.-made and reclaimed products. The Pamaro Shop Sarasota offers quality and unique furnishings and accessories exclusive to other local furniture showrooms. When you shop at any of their three locations, you can expect to be wowed!

Pottery Barn

Showroom Location: 140 University Town Center Dr, Sarasota, FL 34243 (Inside the Mall at University Town Center)

Style: Soft Contemporary, Rustic

Affordability: Upscale

The popular and fashionable Pottery Barn is located in the north wing, on the second floor of the University Town Center. They offer indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs, bedding, accent pillows, lighting, drapery, and home accessories. Pottery Barn’s in-house designers fashion almost every piece of furniture, and nearly all of their upholstered furniture is manufactured in the U.S.

The Furniture Warehouse

Showroom Location: 4027 N Washington Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34234

Style: Traditional, Tropical, Transitional

Affordability: Moderate

The Furniture Warehouse is an excellent option for savvy buyers. I would consider this one of the most budget-friendly places to buy furniture from our long list provided to you. Their line of furniture and accessories includes indoor furniture, mattresses, and accessories. 

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